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Can Octos eat pond snails, and is sand better than gravel???

May 14, 2004
Hi, I was wondering if octopus can eat snails from a freshwater pond. I was also wondering if it is better to use sand as the aquarium bedding or gravel for a bimac. I used to have a bimac, and she liked burrying herself into the sand sometimes and finding clams under it too, but I was thinking it's more difficult to keep water conditions good in a tank with sand in it.
As far as sand goes i used to always use fine play sand sold sterile for kids... it works great. The lack of bufereing capacity is a problem though and you could get round it by either having coral sand in a sump or adding a few handfull sinto the tank... trial and error i'm afraid
Can a bimac eat freshwater snails - would it? That I don't know. Is it desirable? I doubt it. You don't know what you're introducing with unknow types of food like that.

The only freshwater creature we know that a bimac can successfully eat is a crawfish - and that resembles the crustaceans bimacs normally eat in their saltwater environment. Even if bimacs found pond snails tasty, the snails could not offer the same nutritional balance that a shrimp or crab or marine snail would.


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