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bump on my cuttlefish?


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 29, 2004
there is a round bump about 3cm tall at the very end on the top surface of the body. i noticed it yesterday and today it is much bigger. is this normal?
sounds liek abump from jetting backwards... can u see the cuttlebone?
i cant see the bone. its wierd it is always darker than his apperant color. my tank is only 60gal :-( i am getting a 180 for him but it may be a couple of months. it looks like a blister that could pop? i will try to load the pic
I received the one you sent to me via email...and I hate to say, but it does look like the cuttlebone...I hope I am wrong!
:cry: greg
It is most likely a gas bubble or tissue build-up that forms form them constantly running into the tank. It is not life threatening but can lead to bigger problems. If it keeps running into the side of the tank it will most likely crack its cuttlebone and possible die.
actually it is getting smaller :smile: im keeping the water cooler, it seems to be calming him down. is there any kind of antibiotics or medicine i could put into the water that might help?

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