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building cage.


Feb 25, 2003
im new to this and from reading this forum and other sites ive decided to get a Bimaculoides'. I have 36 by 16 by 16 aquarium. I was wondering if a sump is necesary, if so how do you build one. im going to use a protien skimmer co2 natural plant system, istant ocean 50 gl., renes air pump 75 galon. I know im probably forgetting something so if u could tell me what it is. I will also use live rock(how much), and live sand. I am on limeted funds, so any money saving areas would be nice.

Nov 27, 2002
On the main page, check out the "equipment list" article under "Cephalopod Care." Colin wrote up a nice general list of things you will want to consider.

As for specifics to your list, I can't answer many of them except to say, expect to spend more money than you think. Live rock is very expensive, and though I recommend it VERY highly, you would ideally want roughly 50 pounds or more of high-quality rock for your tank which at a bare minimum should cost you $200.