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Building a liverock tower w/ super glue for an octopus tan?


Blue Ring
Mar 5, 2004
Ok I have seen post saying that octopus will move live rock . Now if I wanted to build a corner tower that is a permanent shaped ( by gluing the pieces with super glue- so that it could not collapse , fall or be moved by the octopus ) any thoughts on using this in an octopus tank?
The reef forums say it works great and have hade No problems or side effects to the tanks (see link for one example )
Reef Central Online Community
Super Glue works fine for me in all of my tanks.
I did not read the attached thread, but a few points of interest about super glue:
1. It was invented to be a cut healer for human skin
2. It is being used to stop brain aneurisms in humans. - its injected in our brains!!!

I always glue outside of the tank, on as dry as I can get the pieces I want to glue!! GL would love to see pics when done!!!
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