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Build or Buy?

Mar 15, 2006
I'm looking to end up with a 75-gallon tank for an octopus sometime in the future, and I'm wondering if it makes more sense to buy or build. The size I want (36" Long x 20" Deep x 24" Tall) isn't common from what I've seen. I have worked it out such that I could build it from 1 sheet of 1/2" acrylic, meaning it would cost something close to $200. I've looked on glasscages.com and other such places, and while they have good prices, I'm afraid the shipping to CO from most major aquarium dealers would put the price way beyond my reach.

Does anyone know a good place to buy ready-made aquariums in CO, or am I just better off making my own? Thanks very much.
I would check out shipping charges first-acrylic will be less and UPS shippable.

I can make wet/drys, drill holes in tanks, and plumb a system, but I stay away from building tanks. Lots of weight and pressure to be held for a long period of time.

Nothing sucks worse than waking up to 75 gallons of saltwater around your ankles.

Good Luck!
I was also wondering if there's a way to reinforce the edges of my tank to make it more sturdy. I do metal work, and could make a band of steel to wrap around the edge at the top and bottom without too much difficulty. Or I could just get a solid long piece of acrylic and bend it around the top and bottom to make a strap. Would that help to keep it from failing, or does the failure usually come from the middle of the acrylic?