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O. bimaculoides
Jul 11, 2006
Hi, I was just reading the post about an octo in a classroom and Jean had said something about air bubbles in an octo tank. I just recently got an octo and am worried that the bubbles in my tank might kill him. I do not have any air stones, but my filter (Fluval 4Plus) gives off LOTS of tiny bubbles into the water as it puts the filtered water back into the tank. Is this bad? If it is, how else am I suppose to oxygenate the tank?
If the bubbles come in near the surface of the tank you should be fine. The problem comes with mega quantities of bubbles as from an air stone at the bottom of the tank or in the mid tank. These seem to cause real issues.

Some folks have had bubblers in with no problems, even heard of some octopus sitting in the air stream apparently enjoying a massage...I feel it's just too risky...these are the exceptions!

I have this sort of bubbles in my smaller tank. As far as I can find out, if your outlet is near the surface (and it probably is), you should be OK. The bubbles are fine and not constant. MIcrobubbles are OK too, but the dangerous ones are produced by a bubbler at the bottom of the tank. These are often larger bubbles and a lot of them. Jean is right, some octopuses like to sit on the bubbles, which is not good.

I arranged a net with a piece of filter material across the outflow of my Skelter for the small tank. The over flow goes into the baffeled net so that there is still CO2 exchange but it minimized the bubbles that the octos are exposed to.
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