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Breeding Bimacs

Scuba Kid

Jan 16, 2007
Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums, but I've spent a bit of time browsing around here before. :smile:

About three years ago, I kept an O. Bimaculoides and he was one of the best aquatic critters I've ever kept. A couple days ago, I came across a post on reef central about breeding bimacs. I thought this would be a very interesting project and I'm considering making an attempt at this.
But I wanted to consult the octo experts first. I was interested in hearing opinions on breeding these guys and basic info on how to do it.
Also, how does one go about sexing bimacs? Can they be sexed as juveniles?
I also know that octos don't typically get along together, so would the two octos have to be added when they are sexually mature or can they live together as juveniles until the time comes?

Thanks in advance! :biggrin2:
:welcome: to TONMO. There are a few folks around who have bred bimacs recently, but be aware that it'll require a huge amount of work and investment!

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