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brand new bimac question


Pygmy Octopus
Nov 21, 2004
I just got my brand new baby bimac yesterday. I drip acclimated him and then put him in the tank. For the first fifteen minutes or so he crawled over everything, in and out of the holes in the live rock and jetted from rock to rock.

Later in the day I put 4 small clams in a small clear bowl in the tank. I checked this morning and the clams are still there and I don't see the bimac. the tank is pretty well sealed, so I assume he's hiding somewhere. Is this typical? Is there some other food that is more enticing to a new bimac? Any thoughts welcome.
Hi Bepe,

We get questions like this frequently. It's not unusual for a bimac to "disappear" shortly after arrival. After all, he's had a long trip and is most likely tired

Do you have a mature aquarium with live rock and amphipods? He may be finding food in your live rock.

He should like the clams because that's what he's been raised on. He might also like a few small hermit crabs.

Also, he may be very difficult to spot if he's just sitting there on a rock.

thanks for reply

yes, its a new tank attached to a well established reef tank (they are sharing a sump, protein skimmer, etc) and there are several pieces of live rock with loads of little caves for him to hide in.

I know they are good at hiding, and that he would hide for a few days doesn't surprise me. I was more concerned about him not eating, especially after that long trip. I'll pull some hermit crabs out of the reef and try those as well.
Congrats on your new baby! I wouldn't be too worried. They hide and rest when they first come in. Keep an eye out as he'll be watching you when you least expect it. Good idea on the hermit crabs. All my babies love them.

A well established tank should have quite alot of critters around like amphipods, copepods.... and thats probably what your octo's eating. Give him a little time to settle down and get used to you and soo you guys will be on your way! :smile:
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