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boring octopus


Aug 1, 2004
my octopus never comes out i never see him moving around and ive had him for about 3 weeks now. all he does is sit in his den looking out at me do you think theres something wrong or is he just boring. lol :confused:
mine did that for a week after he came in and he wasnt eating... then he died... so make sure yours is eating if he isnt then somethings wrong
I've looked back over your past posts - it looks like we never really determined what species your octo is. If it's not a bimac, perhaps it's nocturnal and/or a dwarf.

If it's eating well and just doesn't come out, it's usually because the octo is young and shy, or a less friendly species.

Can you tell us more about your octo?

i had the same problem Frobro, mine didn't come out for about 3 weeks, i was starting to think one of the larger live rock dwellers had killed it or something terrible. then i installed a red light which i switch on at night - after two nights he came out and was fine - we've been best mates ever since. The red light did the trick! He has now started to come out in the mornings when i switch back to the normal blue light - he also eats from my hand!

So install a red light :biggrin2:
thanks sinks im going to try that. about the species he seems to be very small and the lfs said he was a common octopus whatever that means. about eating im not exactly sure if he is.
Hmm mine did that for a week and then i started geting more involved with it and soo it started eating from mine and my brothers hand. I think the red light would indeed help but just try to get a little involved with it, let it see you more.
My octo did the same for about 4 days when i got him. I had about 15lbs of LR in the tank and he could fit in there and I never saw him. Soooo what I went to my local petco and picked up some cheesey lookin houses for him. One is a little broken urn and the other is a lil skill and treasure chest. He has lived in the urn since i got it... it has 2 lil holes in it and he just peeks his eyes out at ya. Also pulled all but 3 pieces of rock. He seems very content in his home. Hope u see him more!
Mine stayed hidden for quite a while after I got her too. I think she just needed time to acclimate to her new home and the times I was in the same room and got to know me. Now, she's out dancing for me and waving hello all the time.

Good luck to you!
Technically, I really don't know, so I use the phrase lightly. Chance gets very excited when I'm sitting here at the computer and she want me to notice her, she comes to the front of the glass and waves all her arms around, so it looks like she saying "hello, hey notice me - hi".

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