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Bobtail Squids?

Aug 1, 2007
I saw a bobtail squid at a local pet store. Even though there not cuttlefish I assume that they have similar husbandry requirements. I was hoping to set up a specific tank for them. If anyone have any prior experience or information it will be greatly appreciated. I've done a little reaserch and was planning to have a deep sand bed with some seagrass. Is this an appropriate setup. Do they need specific requirements eg. feeding/tank size/lighting,diurnal/nondiurnal, or anything not covered here. Can I keep more than one in the same tank?

Thank you


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
There are a number of species of bobtail squid, but probably the one you saw was the Hawaiian Bobtail Squid and here is a link about it:

I don't believe any of our members have kept this species, although they have been kept in labs.

You might search on Bobtail Squid in the forums search above.


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