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Blue ring questions


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
I know I will catch hell for asking but...... has anyone had luck with blue rings? Several years ago I managed a petstore and ordered a dwf octopus for a client. When the order arrived I instantly fell in love with the blue ring I was sent by mistake. I refused to sell the little girl to my clients explaining I did not want to be held responsible if anyone got bitten. But truth be told I wanted her all to myself. I kept her 3 months before she died after laying a clutch of eggs. None of the eggs hatched and the 2 other blue rings I have ordered sence were DOA. I hate to keep ordering the little beauties with such rates of dead arrivals. Have any of you had luck ordering them in? As a end note I must say that Blue rings are deadly and I DO NOT advise anyone keeping them!

Donnie Darko
hi Donnie,

You obviously know what you are talking about regarding BROs. You are right not to suggest that anyone should keep one but I have also had them sent to me by accident which were supposed to be vulgaris!

i have swapped a fair few emails back and forth with Dr Roy Caldwell who is very experienced on studying the BROs and he states that 3 months is about the max they will live in capitvity but most often a month or less.

The death rate during shipping is very high and this may be due to catching procedures and shipping stress... Most stories of imports die within a day or two.

So, in short... they have a maximum wild life from egg to senesence which lasts about 6 months, average 1 day to 1 month in captivity and an accident could really hurt you.... what a rubbish pet LOL!!!!

why not try a species better suited to captivity? You will have a blast!

Welcome to TONMO.com,

Thanks Colin,

I do plan to try a aquacultured octo from octopets in the next week or so. I hope to have better luck and a longer lived beauty that my blue ring.

Donne Darko
Good luck

make sure you keep us up to date and add details to the ceph database etc :)
Im not Colin, but I vote Bimac, they are readily available, smaller then vulg's and longer life span then pygmys, +they are captive breed so you know they are only about 2-3 mounth old.

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