erich orser

TONMO Supporter
Nov 29, 2004

Let me wish both Um... and Gaetan P. happy birthdays!

:cthulhu: :cheers: :glass: :birthday:

Glubs and squishes!

Ah, the most joyful day of rememberance...nice and warm and dark and then some dhead smacks you in the rear...

Happy birthdays!!!!
I call this 'Happy Blue-ring To You.'

[to the tune of Happy Birthday]

Hapalochlaena lun-U,
Hapalochlaena lun-U,
HapaloCHLAEna lunulaaaaaaata
Hapalochlaena lun-U!

(spot the squidgeek eating lunch alone in her office... :roll: :oops: )

Hey there, :twisted:,

Squidgeeks rule, and that is a very singable ditty.

Completely unrelated querry:

lutefisk or lefse?
anyone who eats fish preserved in that goop deserves eternal damnation!!!!

Hey are well on your way to being a suffering artist!!! I always laugh when people say that it is a isn't...oh, do I love top ramen...
Happy Birthday, fellows.

Still, I must take it on faith that um... has a birthday, as there is no photographic evidence that he exists.


Thanks, all! I'm especially glad to see that :twisted: is still thinking about killing me, unless poor Gaetan has somehow managed to incur her wrath. :goofysca:

My B-Day is usually kind of a nonevent, but I'm excited about this one. My liver will be celebrating its eleventy-first birthday tomorrow night, and the rumour is that it's going to be one heckuva killer party. I just hope my stupid spleen isn't invited.


(Erich, do you keep GMT too?)
(Clem, would I at least come close to passing the Turing Test?)
Happy birthday chaps! Hope you both had/will have great days.

Bottoms up, spiffing, what-what, eh? Jolly good show.

:party: :birthday: :cheers: :band:
Thanks ya'll

I can't remember my BIlbo baggins Speech, so ........"Here's to swimmin' with bow legged women".

To spend time with the ones you love, play golf, and enjoy good spirits is a a great birthday on Earth day.

peas on earth for Earth Day...

Does anyone else have an earth day wish?

gaetan P. turning 31 today.
Not belated, Melissa. The preceding birthday wishes were just, uh, beearlied.

:birthday: Gaetan P. My Earth Day wish is for an atmosphere that's more transparent to visible light. And lots and lots of cod.

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