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Feb 27, 2003
My bimac has a strange thing here. I read the threads
that said what kind of bimac you have and it all depended on the blue
eye rings just below their eyes. My bimac has one that has a closed
chain and the other is broken at the bottom of the circle, So what kind
of bimac do i have? is it a cross breed or just a fluke or am I just
confused on how to figure out what kind of bimac I have? Thanks for any
info you can give me
Hi debbie

bimaculoides has an unbroken chain
bimaculatus has a broken chain

could be a fluke right enough????

Im not sure but now she is big enough to really see what is on her and when videoing her this weekend it was amazing that I saw it. She was very hungry and we were getting a vifeo of her eating from my hand, and then watching her eat. Thats when i notice that they were different. So I studied her for hours trying to make sure it wasnt my imagination, and its not, she does have a complete chain on one side and a very distinct broken chain on the other side. Still is way cool :rainbow:

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