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Bimac tank temps?


Blue Ring
May 26, 2005
Ive been struggling to keep my tank temp down, Im on octopets waiting list for a bimac, and Ive been coming home to 83-85 degree water.

What is best, safe, and deadly as far as temperature is concerned?

Does anyone have ideas on chilling?

I currently have a fan in the canopy, and a 6" clip on blowing on the sump. I think the dolphin pump is just too much heat for a apx 60-70g system....

I would suspect your pump, but then the temperature you keep your house matters, too.

I was able to lower the tank temperature in the summer to about 74 degrees by keeping the house at a lower temperature (70, I think), especially at night so the tank had time to get cool. Also, putting a 5 inch fan blowing on the sump helped.

Another source of heat might be your lights - an octo can get by with a fluorescent, does not need high temperature lights.

The tank temperature you have now is too hot for a bimac to live in - it's not really a tropical octopus.

If your water is that hot, you definitely have a pump or something that is running waaaaay to high...try a Rio or other brand of magnetic drive.


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