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Bill died today :(

Jan 4, 2006
I noticed this morning that Bill was at the front of the tank with white markings and different coloration than normal. He watched me and the dogs and seemed to move and interact just fine.

I just looked at the tank and it was opaque black. :shock:

Bill was floating at the top and I can only guess he inked everything out. I had never seen any ink out of him before.

I never really realized how big he was. Measurements when dead - he had a 1 1/2 inch+ sized mantle that was 1 1/4 inches wide overall he was 3 inches with his tentacles NOT extended. Roughly the size of 2 of my thumbs -side by side.

I am trying to figure out exactly how old he was. I saw posts of myself getting cuttlefish in January of last year, but that would make Bill 1 year and one month old.
Very sorry for your loss. RIP Bill :angelpus: :cuttle:

I was just looking at your earlier pics of Bill, so I'm attaching on in his memory.