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Best way to start octos diet


Feb 9, 2008
Well my guy is doing well, he got to another emarlad crab today, and hes using the carapace to cover his tiny hole in the live rock he squeezed in. Only 3 more left, so tommorow Im ordering something for him...my question is what is the best way to start his diet?

I was thinking of getting the filders from the aquaculture store, but my question is how many crabs a day should I feed him. He appears young (Hummelincki), and Im thinking one crab a day would be OK. Or should I try hermit crabs, or any other suggestions as what to start him on as a staple.

So far in my tank he has eaten some snails and the emarld crab.

i've only had my octo for about a week but i've heard fidlers are the best crabs to give them. my octo eats 1 or 2 turbo snails a day and my order of fidlers will be here soon.
You might think of one fiddler a day,and, depending on how large he is, supplementing with thawed frozen shrimp. It would be good to introduce some of the shimp so you have an alternative food.

So far, after 3 weeks with Octane (adult Hummelincki), we have decided that she wants to eat twice a day. We give her a 2.5" - 3" shrimp (peeled to minimize tank waste problems) at night and leave a live crab in for her to find the next day. She naps after eating the shrimp so we are pretty sure that it fills her up but she does hunt the crab when we are not at home and she has not skipped a meal yet.