Beautiful Peet (GPO)


Aug 17, 2005
Walla Walla University
Here is Peet:
She is a 17 lb, 5.5 foot giant Pacific octopus.


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Well, she is mine as much as she is anyone's... I am a marine bio student doing research in the feeding ecology of GPO's in the San Juan Islands and Puget Sound, Washington. This is the first of the GPO's I collected and kept for 3 months (just released her a week ago friday) to observe feeding habits . Here you see her in a 500 gal flow through tank at the marine station where I do my research. If there is any more info you want, let me know..
Hi Taollan and welcome to! :welcome:

That counts! So you've been keeping a GPO! Any interesting stories or observations for us? Will you be keeping another one soon?

I love those flow-through systems - just think what it would be like to do water changes in such a big tank!

Please keep us posted!

:welcome: Taollan!

Doubly-blessed: not only do you get to do hands-on research with GPOs, but you're located in the gorgeous San Juan archipelago!
Eleven years ago I caught my first first octopus, a giant Pacific octopus near Rosario Beach Marine Lab. This was an event the launched me towards a career devoted to studying these animals. A week after releasing that octopus I made my first post here at TONMO, posting this picture of the octopus we had named OctoPeet, or just Peet for short. On the latest episode of Octopodium I relate the story of how I caught Peet.

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