[Octopus]: Life with Olive


Aug 28, 2017

I took him/her home around 1pm Saturday (after spending the night worrying it was sold cause I forgot to call them at closing!) Above is the first night inside the critter container I brought him/her home in inside a bucket with an air stone running while I rearranged the 10g already set up and running since earlier this year.

Sold as a pacific brown octopus… seems to be a bocki :smile: this is from Friday in the store.
Close up of the color changing on Monday

And full tank shot

Showing just how tiny!
Well I made first contact with him two nights ago :roflmao:he was on top of a rock so I held my finger an inch above him so he could decide… briefly touched my finger then crawled off frantically lol

I recently read the soul of an octopus and tried my best to give off loving and friendly vibes for him to taste hehe
Omg! I held my finger near his little barnacle and he tentatively sent out one arm to test it, pulled it back, sent out another, then grabbed on with five and tried to pull me in! 🤣 he couldn’t do it… I think he got annoyed and retreated even farther into his barnacle! 😂 (hence the barely there in the pic) it amazes me just how strong even the small ones are! I didn’t realize it until now! I wish I could have gotten it on camera, but I was holding the flashlight with my other hand 😩 can’t wait to try again tomorrow night! Also I noticed he has a little anemone friend 😁

I’ll have to hold the flashlight in my mouth or something so I can record with my free hand 🤣


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Was able to try again and hold my phone in my left hand! “You don’t want to come in here? Fine! Bye!”
Luckily his barnacle den is big enough that my finger can’t get stuck 😁 the movement was me pulling then him jerking me back 🤣 NO! YOU GAVE ME THIS AND ITS MINE!! I pulled my finger all the way out and he got all like fine, go away!


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