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Bandensis getting jiggy?


Jun 7, 2004
After a long day at work, and a reefkeeping BB i mod, I finally received something that made me happy.

It was the sight of a pair of my cuttles breeding :biggrin2:

Not jumping the gun, because this may have just been teenage behind the sheds play, but they finally seem to be sprouting hairs in weird places and experimenting.

After hours and hours of reading, and research, taking the risk of taking on the eggs, and also the time and effort into rearing, it seems it may be paying off.

Lets see what comes of it - wish em luck!
Hey Mike! Nice. Keep track of the dates - mine had been mating for 2 months I think but no eggs, and it would be nice to compare what your critters do.

Will do Rich.

Observed again tonight, and even think i saw arm reaching in!!

They aint shy at this either, doing it in room lighting while my nose in pressed against the glass. Patterns are forming to my eyes to, with regards to the "courting" before hand, and which is male and which is female.

I still dont get who these tiny cuttles, lay so many eggs!! lol
Last night it seemed that one pair mated repeatedly, like 5 times in the spece of a few minutes.

Is this common? All other activities so far have been singular copulations lasting anywhere up to a minute...


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