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Bali Octopus?


Dec 13, 2006
Well i was at the pet store today. They had an octo labeled as a Bali octo.
I was wondering how long do they live..are they shorter life then bimac's and such.
This one was a pretty decent size. mantel was atleast 2.5" and tip to tip i am guessing coulda been atleast a foot but it was balled up.
Would this octo be pretty much almost at end of its life considering its size and all. I am kinda hesitant about it because they wanted 89.99
WOW...what a helpful forum this is...29 views not a single reply. It seems there are hardly ever any replies. yet sooo many are viewing different parts of the forum at a time. How does any help even happen around here
I'm sorry but this question has been asked several times in past threads. In a nut shell, The "bali octopus" is a generic name that suppiers use so it could be any number of species so it's hard to answer your question. In general its life span is probably a year or two, however the one the pet shop has is probably an adult and will live less than 6 months.
Give us a little time :smile:

I haven't heard the term "bali octopus" in about a year, but what marinebio_guy says is correct.

If you have a big enough mature tank, at least 50 gallons, and have the proper set up for an octopus, you could take a chance on it. It's most likely from a tropical area. You might have it some months.

OSX, you should really chill out a little. Not everyone that looks at your post has the expertise to give you a straight answer, which they probably realized and didn't give you a bunch of malarky. So you should credit those people with not making up a lie in which you might have spent the money wastefully.

Aside from that, as marinebio_guy pointed out, it is something that has come up before, so a little searching on your part might have yielded the anwer. I spent three YEARS researching, online and off, looking for pictures of the ligula of a GPO, but I never once got irratated that no one on this forum could help me. Patience will save your life.
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