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Bad news, good news


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Jan 22, 2004
When I was in Tonga about two weeks ago, the two bandensis I had were trying to get at each other through the partition gutter guard in the tank, and it seems they abraded their top arms. They were male and female, so I think they were trying to mate. One died - suddenly. The other went about a week later. They were about 8 month old and had been mating regularly.

Last week I was at a local wholesaler who had some cuttles in - they were sent instead of eggs. They were bandensis, two were in good shape, and one wasn't. I took the two. The second day I had them they both ate frozen krill! Thats pretty cool in my book. They have eaten frozen 3 times each so far.


Jun 7, 2004
Firstly, sorry to hear of the losses Rich - never nice losing these creatures.

But good news on the new cuttles, and a good sign they are eating frozen - as it happens i've had some luck with the babies on krill too.

Keep us posted as to how these guys are doing!!