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baby throws the food

Feb 24, 2005
my 2 month old baby bimac wont eat

i just got him week ago but he sits in the den and looks at me all day already. any food i put in front of him though he just literally throws back at me. ive tried little mussels crushed and uncrushed, hermits in the shell and out, fiddler crabs, blue crabs, and ghost shrimp without tails and dead ones, and live and dead minnows plus cut up ones yet he doesnt like any of them! anyone have any suggestions on other types of food please let me know so that he will finally eat something!
I see that Jean has already suggested that he may be eating amphipods, but you don't think your are large enough to eat yet.

Your bimac was raised on baby clams and amphipods - maybe he misses those. You might also try shrimp or scallop - fresh if possible, otherwise frozen and thawed.

Maybe he would react better if you put the food outside his den, not in it. Or, try putting the non-live food on a feeding stick (thin wooden skewer, for instance) and slowly moving it about.

That's all I can think of!

Have you checked your water parameters? Is there really bright lighting on all the time? I am surprised he's rejected the hermit crabs. Also you are possative he's a bimac? Did he come from Fish Supply or OctoPets? Almost sounds like an octo with eggs, but if you're possative it is a baby bimac then I'm wrong.

Best of luck!!!

its a bimac yeah... but ive already tried the ghost shrimp and the little tiny mussels and he didnt like either one... woke up this morning and i dont know where the hell it went. it wasnt sitting in its usual spot at the front of the shell where its been for days. also everything i thought that he had eaten he gathered up last night while i was trying to feed him and threw it out side the den so i know he hasnt eaten since i got him on last wednesday.
also about the light all ive got is a little cheap aqua sun strip light on the tank and it only stays on for a few hours a day. he doesnt mind it though cause he sits right out the mouth of the shell all day long... usually.

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