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baby octos and large black spiny brittle stars

Feb 24, 2005
last night i found a scary huge black and spiny brittle star in my reef tank... poised to catch my manderin or my maroon clown. ahhhhhhhhhhh

anyway still waiting for my octo from octo pets... and waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting.... and was wondering during all this waiting if this brittle star would be a good companion for the little octo if i could just pull the thing out the peice of 25 pound live rock i might let him be the octos roommate. anyway have heard that brittles make good tank crew for the octos but not sure if this dark monster of death would work with the octo please let me know before i put him in the octo tank only to feed the octo to him later.
dark monsters of death should be fine for an octos tank... sometimes the the green serpents are a bit overzealous at feeding time as i found out with a bimac, the star would always try and steal its food... the black spiny ones should be perfectly safe and i have never seen them catch anything and eat it that was alive... just how big is 'huge' though?
huge is like 10 inches long from arm to arm and a body the size of a silver dollar.... thousands of long black spines on the arm that have the ability to wrap around my finger and cause slight pain(and i have some thick skin)

anyway last night i watched it launch an arm out the hole its hiding in only to grab one of my bluelegs and drag it in... its making me nervous!!!
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