Baby Octo at LFS in MINE!!!!!!!


Colossal Squid
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Nov 20, 2002
Guess what???? That cute adorable itybity escapable baby octo is MINE!!! :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2: :biggrin2:

Just got off the phone and the person it was on hold for backed out.

Doing a water change, relocating Mr. Jawfish, and on my way!!! Will keep ya posted and should have pictures in acouple hours!!!

What a happy ending - the little guy goes to a wonderful home after all.
Congratulations and can't wait to see the pics!

I had a great plan..... Took today off to finish getting ready to bring home the "Baby Carribean Octo". Well...... :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x
I walk in the shop, take some shots of the baby, ask the kid to bag it for me and the wife of the owner says, the person still wants it and its my dentist so you can't have that one........ :x :x :x

I'm wishing evil :evil: things on them as I type.......

I just left.... Had I stayed I wouldn't have been responsible for my anything that came out of my mouth.......

Anyway, they don't even have a "Carribean" Octo. Owner was sure it was not Pacific.....Baby Bimac......Had the 2 classic spots, but they blended.......

I had decided to house it in a pethome for a while in my 29 with Mr. Jawfish. And here's it's new empty home and pictures of it wanting to come home with me......

Ink looks absolutely massive now after messing with that baby :biggrin2: .....

The one shot has my finger so you can see how tiny it was....

That's terrible - this LFS isn't treating you very well. I suppose you can only hope that the dentist will change his mind. Sorry it isn't working out, it's a very charming little octi.

Too bad Carol

If you lnew it was a baby bimac in the 1st place would you have bothered setting up stuff for it?
Absolutely!!! I was thrilled to see it was another Bimac!!! And yes they do need a good scrubbing but I must say everything is always very healthy from there.

My kids were so disapointed, I ended up calling Jack at Fish Supply and the Fedex truck is arriving before noon today with a baby the same size!!!
My daughtor has her heart set on naming it.......ya ready for this....probably the first octo in the history of octo keeping with this name...."Lil Pumpkin"...... :shock: She's won't change her mind....I tried!!!!

Looks like I am going to be investing in another bigger tank!!! Figured, its so tiny it will do fine for a while in the 29 gal!

I must be nuts!!!! Will keep ya posted!!!

Hi Carol,

Lil" Pumpkin seems to be a Halloween octopus! Very nice that you're getting a little bimac after all. Looking forward to the first pics!

heh, to be able to just pick up the phone and get a bimac! :frown:

but seriously, hope all goes well with yet another aclimatisation! :bugout:

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