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baby anenome?


Aug 2, 2006
Definitely Corynactis. They come in a lot of live rock and can spread VERY quickly. There while the true Corynactis Californica gets bigger, I think the tropical types from Indo and the like stay pretty small [that has been my experience with them, anyway]. As far as I know, they are closer to the mushroom family than the anemone family.I don't think they are harmful, but you probably want to stay on the safer side...in which case:
Joe's juice works great [from what I hear, never tried it myself], but I usually just inject a small amount of lemon juice into the aiptasia - it's usually enough to stun them to the point that you can peel them off the rock. :smile:


Blue Ring
Aug 27, 2007
Bob the kracken;101740 said:
well then mine isn't an aptasia. its about an inch across, and the tentacles are completely clear accept for the tips which end in little pink spheres. other than that it's pretty non descript.
Sounds like it is a pink tulip anemone. They look like aptasia but not harmful like aptasia and much more prettier. They are green with pink tips. I have a bunch in my 25 gal reef tank with alot of other corals and anemones and they don't bother anybody. I could be wrong.
Mar 30, 2007
whatever it is i just squirted it with joes juice but it was still stuck to the rock, possibly because it was growing out of a cave, (the guy at the pet store said it was deffinitely an aptasia, but he could have just been trying to sell me something) so I tried to scrape it off, but ended up sort of scrambling it. then I put a crab on it and it ate what it could get to, probably thinking something along the lines of "O THANK YOU BENEVOLENT LORD! FOOD FOOD FOOD."

The Gnome

Feb 5, 2006
I was taught to mix pickling lime with RO water to create my own anemone killing sludge. You just get an oral syringe and force feed them the paste ... it makes them melt like slugs and raises your PH at the same time !
The trick is, to get the right consistency. You want it to be like toothpaste when you're done mixing the water and pickling lime.

I had a huge aptasia problem in my tank, and until my lionfishes and my eel grew up I was happy to put my arm in the tank all the time to spot kill. I got most of them but they have recently come back. They're so good at reproducing, it's hard to really exterminate them.

" If a coral tank is a garden, then aptasia are the weeds. " :sun: