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Hi and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

Sorry, I can't help you with your cuttlefish question, since I'm in the US, but we do have a number of members located in Australia and New Zealand who may be able to chime in with suggestions.

Thanks for trying but i guess i will just have to try pet shops and suppliers

Would you recommend going through a pet shop or ordering online for me in Australia - there is a site with a bunch of good ordering sites called sources of live cephalopods (search it on google)

Also how much should i expect to pay for a cuttlefish and for its shipping - so far i have only seen octopus prices but personally i prefer cuttlefish

thanks once again nancy, :notworth:

Hi there, Oscar.

I just posted in Ceph Care saying that we just got a little cuttlefish - he was caught at Straddie this weekend. However, that was with the help of UQ Biology students and staff.

It is possible to find them though, if you're prepared to spend a little time looking. There are worse fates than hanging around at Stradbroke, though!
Sorry to spam, but I just found out exactly how they caught the cuttle - it was picked up when they were trawling with a net through seagrass and other shallow areas around Straddie Island.

Since you mentioned you don't have a boat, it might be a bit hard. Hmmm. Have you tried asking at Pet City at Stafford? We go to them for all our aquarium inquiries, the staff know what they're doing and are more than happy to help, and we've never had a fish supplied by them die of disease or stress. They do stock cephalopods but you'll have to ask as they don't come along all the time. They could probably put you in touch with someone who could help you out with a cuttle.

Let me know what happens, though. I haven't got a proper ceph tank set up yet but I'm aiming to have one by the end of this year. It'd be good to know how another Brisbanite goes with setting up a tank!
thanks gloomer, that was VERY helpful!! Straddie hey? so you didnt even have to go out to a reef? could you give me more a more specific location? as in north/south how far off shore? beach or rock wall.

Im not afraid to get wet but im not sure just how fast these little things are either!!! any thoughts?

I a going to check out pet city this weekend- funny you should mention it, i already had the trip planned, but i didnt know that they sometimes got in cephs. I will definitely ask them about a cuttle but i was actually starting looking into asking a commercial trawler to chuck one in a bucket for me. The only problem is there will be less chance of survival and it will most likely be a larger one (closer to natural death) I will have a chat anyway.

What is your affiliation with uq? sounds like it could be fun!! lol

I also have my goal for a ceph tank set at end of year - good luck with yours!! tell me how it goes!!


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