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[Article]: Before you buy a cuttlefish... (by Colin Dunlop)


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May 30, 2000
Thanks to Colin for submitting this very important article regarding cuttlefish keeping. It's another must-read article for anyone thinking about getting a cuttlefish to care for.

Before you buy a cuttlefish...

Thank you Colin!

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Colin's article is much needed and will be a guide for all those thinking of owning a cuttlefish. Interest in keeping cuttlefish seems to be growing, so this excellent article comes at a good time.

Thanks, Colin!

Nice article.

I am now in the process of trying to breed Sepia bandensis in the US. I picked one up at the LFS on Dec 9, 03 and the other at the beginning of January. I like them because they are smaller, and don't require as much swimming space as some of the larger cuttles.

If you are interested, check out http://www.daisyhillcuttlefarm.com
And if you have any suggestions or input I would love to hear it!
Righty said:
I like them because they are smaller, and don't require as much swimming space as some of the larger cuttles.

Same here, the larger cuttles like my latimanus grow too big and don't show their true colours until they're larger. The younger ones cuttles try not to be outstanding and put on dull colours.

Thats also the only problem I find with bandensis, only the occasional red on their undersides.

I still dream of metasepia......one day.
Seeing the babies for sale at Octopets, inspired me to do some reading on cuttles! Great article Colin and excellent pics Joel. Guess this is not a great idea for me right now!!!! I didn't realize they get as large as 18"!

Yeah, that should be a must read...very comprehensive. Makes you think twice again !
Good article, At the NRCC we do get several calls from people wanting cuttlefish etc... We positively do not sale to the public. Most people do not realize how hard it is to keep these guys in small aquariums.
Definitely a must read!!! for anyone whether you are thinking of buying or not (its very interesting!!!) Also make sure you read Dr. Woods for part article on cuttlefish husbandry. Start at this page