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Are octopus hardy animals

Mar 19, 2005
i am very interested in keeping an octopus am was wondering if they are hardy animals. i have been told by a lot of people that they are difficult and should be left in the wild because they are too sensitive and if the most minute thing goes wrong they die on you. but i was also told by a pro at octopus breeding and keeping(octo-pets) that they are realitively easy you just have to have a well sealed tank and good filtration. i am some what new to the saltwater hobby and would be considered a intermediate in the hobby i have cared for eels and a variety of other invertibrates and was wondering if this is enough experience to kep an octopus the invertebrates i work with are mosly echiderms like starfish and urchins. Jim the owner of octopets told me i should do just fine but i still am wondering why 99% of the people i ask tell me they are EXTREMELY hard to keep and are absolutely unsuitable for the salt water aquarium. only 3 people have told me they are easy octopets , my local fish store and a store that told me they are only hard because they get out. So what is the truth are they really that difficult to care for or are they realetively easy. please get back to me asap any info would be great!
:welcome: I have been keeping octos as pets for years, and I think the hardest thing about keeping them is the maintenance of the tank and water quality. They do eat alot so my daughtor and I spend several hours each week in the spring and summer collecting food. And they thrive on attention. So I think the difference between keeping a reef tank/inverts to an octopus, is an octo is more of a pet, which you need to make a commitment to continuely interacting with them, plus upkeep of the tank is so much more important! Yes they can escape, but there are precautions you take so that is not an issue!!! As far as hardiness, it depends on the individual octo. Age, condition on arrival. I have had octos that have resided with me for over a year and others that have died within the week, so there really is no set rule on hardiness, but what we can do is make sure the tank they are being introduced to in as perfect as possible with not only equipment but water specs!!!

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i want to keep a bimac in a 24 gallon nano aquarium is that a good aquarium to keep them in. the guy at octopets told me it would be fine the nano 24gal has excellent filtration 290gph would that be adequate for an octo. would an octo survive in that type of setup. it has a integrated 3 stage filtration with a large mechanical sponge traps particulate matter before reaching a chemical bag of activated carbon. the carbon then removes dissovled organics and odor. ceramic rings and bio balls are provided for benificial bacteria. a 290gph pump is also included for proper water circulation. would this be a good setup for an octo the owner of octopets told me it would and 2 other people. i need more opinions though i know the setup might be small but that i can easily solve. so would this system be good enough for a bimac, and how often should i do water changes

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