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Aquarium top


Sep 2, 2006
In setting up my new 65 gal tank, I've come to a point where I need some help...
My lighting will sit on top of my tank via mounting brackets and now I need to know if a glass (or acrylic) top would be the best way to go or not. I have 3 very interested kittens that I would like to keep out of the tank, for the the inhabitants sake & their own! My question is this: Once I do get my octo, will a top like this inhibit the oxygen and carbon dioxide flows in and out of the tank? I will have an open sump underneath the tank, but will that be enough if the tank above is closed off? Perhaps some kind of (secure) screening would be a better way to go? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
I used an acrylic cover on my 45 hex and can't keep the tank below 82 (ambient of 78 or less, led lighting but sump equipment and power head create the heat that does not dissipate) with two fans in the sump. As luck would have it, I ended up with a Mercatoris (and now 3 of her young in the tank) and can leave half the top open - not possible with a larger octo and it stays at ambient. Eventually I will move a chiller to that tank to correct the problem and make it available for a larger octo. Needless to say, I would recommend looking for a screen to fit the top rather than a solid cover or creating a half screen "door" with either a glass or acrylic support.
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