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Pygmy Octopus
Oct 4, 2005
Hey, I am setting up an aquapod and would like to get a species of squid or cuttlefish for it. The aquapod is 12 gallons. I've looked into the southern pigmy squid but i live in Utah, US and i dont think i can find htem here. Most cuttlefish ive seen for sale get too big. Do you guys have any suggestions or squid/cuttlefish for sale?
I wish i could get some Southern Pigmy Squid but around here, I have no chance. I was thinking of S. Bandensis but i guess it's too big.
12 gallons is awfully tiny. Really there are very few things you can fit in there. You're looking at maybe a chunk of live rock and maybe a little goby or a shrimp or something.

To do any real serious saltwater keeping you might consider setting up a 30 gallon tank. That would allow you to keep a dwarf ceph or at least some choices with what creatures you want to keep, clownfish, etc.

Yeah, just put in some live rock, maybe a small cup coral, and a goby or two...12 is waaaaay too small for any ceph.
When you decide to get a tank for cephs, you might want to look at purchasing a standard 55 gallon tank, it is about the same price as setting up a smaller tank, and opens up the availability of what cephs you can keep.
I have done some research on the bobtail squid and i just was wondering if i could get these anywhere? I know it may not sound like the best idea but i am a very dedicated aquarist and would do everything i could to keep the squid(s) healthy.
Well to tell you the truth i am prepared to deal with that, I will keep the tank very clean, like i do with all of my other tanks. Do you know of any place that has these squid available?
The other thing to be aware of is that they need a sand bed to bury in. And that's where they'll stay for oh..............about 23hours of the day!! Just joking:biggrin2: but they do spend a huge amount of time buried and they are nocturnal!

I know where you can 'find' them in the wild, im asking if anyone breeds them or has any available.

I will keep the thing about the sand bed in mind. Once I know that they are available and i can get one of a few, I will get as much info as i can before actuallly getting one. But first i need to know if i can get them..

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