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Aquapod 12


Dec 5, 2006
I recently just won an aquapod 12 from my lfs. Since then I have also installed a Shappire Aquatics protein skimmer and an ICA 2.0 nano chiller and I'd like to set it up for an octo. As you can see I've been a member on this site for quite awhile now and have read almost everything possible. I have been keeping tropical fish for almost decades now, since it has been passed down in my household from my father. What Im trying to say is lets skip the whole "schpeel" (dont really know how to spell that lol) about water quality and what it takes to keep an octo. I see that member milabfocker awhile back had success in keeping abdopus aculeatus in pretty warm water in an aquapod 12, so im wondering what other members think or what other members have had success in keeping octos and what kind in nanotanks??? Also any suggestions in general about what I've stated...Thanks!!!
i wouldn't suggest putting an A. Aculeatus in a nano tank, at least not for its whole life, it would be much better off in at least a 35 gallon but preferably a 55 gallon. I really don't think any octo, even dwarfs, should be kept in a tank that small, so i would really recommend getting something bigger. You could always sell the nano and get money towards a bigger tank
Congratulations on winning the Nanocube. Since you have been a lurker for about a year, I feel we (most likely) do not have to touch all the basics, as you state. It sounds like there are some basic things that need to be reiterated though. A. Aculeatus is a large octopus that requires a 55-75 gallon tank. Armspan is approx. 18-24 inches, and mantle is (I believe) around 3 inches full grown. They are used to walking around the sea floor all day and need a lot of room to play. This octopus would NEVER be happy in a 12 gallon aquarium. It would barely be able to move. Sorry if this is harsh but it should not be done and your animal would be depressed and probably super-inactive for the time he did stay alive. I won't even get into the water quality issues you would have.

Any 12 gallon aquarium will be too small for an octopus, save a few species that could (or would) be collected for the pet trade. A , species that I like, O. Wolfi would be suitable for that size tank though you would have to secure everything super tight for that small of an octopus, and they are not really found in the trade. A 20 gallon is usually recommended for dwarf species. In a 12 gallon there is not much water volume and you would have to do a lot of frequent water changes with the huge biomass the octopus adds.

I would make this a reef tank and get at least a 20 gallon if you want a dwarf. Or you can see if someone will trade with you for one.

I like your avatar, by the way :thumb:

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