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Anyone in vegas who can keep a large Bimac?


Blue Ring
Feb 3, 2003
I have a fifty gal which the big guy's in now a it's over growing it. I need to trade or give it away to someone with a 100 gal or larger tank that can take good care of it. I got this one when it was smaller than my pinky and now 7 months later its 24 inches tip to tip.

PM me if you can take it and I will give you my #.
Hi stits,

What about one of the public aquariums if you get stuck??? we often get animals that have outgrown tanks etc, in fact we just had a call about some freshwater turtles........... we're a marine aquarium but we're seriously considering it because the alternative for these animals is euthanasia and we're all softies here :smile: If they don't go on public display they'll go in the office were they can still be cared for. But I digress (is contagious on Tonmo :biggrin2: ) I know that a couple of the hotels have large public aquaria, the one that springs immediately to mind is the Manadalay Bay's Shark Reef Aquarium. If no-one from the community here can accomodate your friend I would try one of them. At least you'll know he will be properly looked after!!


Mirage has very aggressive tanks and Mandalay Bay has a huge shark exhibit. Caesars ........ well Caesars just throws fish that kill each other in the same tank because they look "cool" together. I think I might call Mandalay Bay though if I don't get takers soon he is getting big on me. If someone from LA wants him I guess as long as they can keep him cool for the drive and will take good care of him I am for it.

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