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Anyone in OH know where to buy Bimacs?


Dec 19, 2005
*I am VERY sorry if this isnt the right place for this, I looked and didnt know where to put it*

Anyone in the OH area know where to buy a farm raised Bimac? I am not looking forward to buyone one online, but if I have to I will. Thanks!
Are those places? Or are they cities? I am in the Akron area. Now, if I were to order from fishsupply.com or octopets.com, would it ship out right away or will it take a few weeks?
Pandora is a small town and Findlay is a metro.
Octopets is a little more expensive than fishsupply. I've ordered from fishsupply a couple of times for parts and it took about a week to deliver. Not sure on octopets.com though.
I am just wondering if it will take a long time to ship or no. I saw your thread... LMK when you order it and when it sips to you. I would like to know how your Octo is from fishsupply.com
Ehh.... i ordered oscar last night and realized i gave them the wrong email. So i caled and reset the email and he said somethinga bout they didnt have any octopuses in stock.
i live in ohio, in the kent area. my first octo is a octo berriarius or how ever u spell it. i got her off ebay. and the second on i just recently got. i went up to columbiana. there is a fish store there that is the largest saltwater fish store in ohio. when i was there they had the little guy. so i picked him up. i have no clue what species he/she is. but neither did any of the people working. it is a reddish color and only about 3 inch arm length streched out and a mantle about 1/2 inch maybe al il smaller.
let mek now what you think
Did you go to Aquatic Tech??? I saw that Octo there! Was it in a little jar inside of another tank? I didnt get him because I didnt know what kind he was. Keep my updated!!!
yes thats the little guy i got. they said he was there for a month and a day. but yes that is where i went for the octo at aquatic tech. i could not resist because im addicted to octos. thats makes 2 octos in my bedroom. i guess im spoiling myself. but whats your opinions everyone.

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