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Any one know where to find pictures of a Octopus Haitti?


Aug 31, 2004
Hello all. I'm a newbee here. I have been following your fourms for a few days now and I would like to say thanks to everyone for posting such helpful information. :biggrin2: Thanks Everyone.

Ok my first post question:

I just picked up a new little Buddy a few days ago. I was told it was a Octopus Haitti. I have been searching the internet for pictures or care information on this little guy but only to find broken links here and there. Any help would be great.

I also attached a picture. Please take a look. If any one knows what it may be Please let me know. I will get better pictures of him/her tomorrow when it's more active.

It is a little bigger then a golf ball right now. I have no Idea age. I was told it was young. The tenticles are about 8 or 9 inches long.

Thanks again.
Hi and Welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

I couldn't find that species in my Cephalopods: A World Guide, and it's also not listed on CephBase.

Maybe the name simply means an octopus from Haiti! At any rate, it's a pretty octopus and I hope you enjoy keeping it!

If its arms are that long, it may be an adult rather than very young.
Impossible to tell exactly because you don't know how big the species grows.

Does your octo have a name? And yes, please post some more pics.


Hello Nancy,

Thanks for the welcome. I think it'd name is going to be Slimer. Like from the Ghostbusters. LoL. Every one has such cool names so I had to think about it for a while. Last night I decided on Slimer.

I searched every place for info on the Haitti, Haiti

I found it at some site:
Genus Octopus (octopuses)
Species Octopus hattai

But the link was no longer working.

I was hoping to find some of it's living habbits. I noticed with mine when the dim light is on it's kind of out and about. But as soon as the light goes off it just kind of balls up and changes to a white ish with super light brown or tan spots. But when the light comes back on it seams to almost wake up. Kind of weird. I just took a few steps to darken the tank. Now it looks like it might like mid to low light levels. I did notice a few posts with that type of reaction from there octo's not minding the light. I will just have to play with the lighting a bit to find the sweet spot for little Slimer.

I had Octo's 10 or 12 years ago. There was not quite a selection to pick from then. Alot of new Octo's/products/filters/other cool stuff to choose from.

Here is another picture. If any one has any idea what it may be please let me know. My light bulb went out last night so the lighting is not the best.

So your octo really likes black and white!

The bimacs that many people now keep live in shallow water and seem to tolerate a fair amount of light. Other octos may prefer dimmer light.

Can't seem to locate it now, but I'm sure I've read of an octopus that does slime!

I dont really like the white sand now. It was ok before I put the black divider in the tank. I started with the white crushed coral for ph reasons. But I did see some nice black sand at the fish store the other day. Slimer might like that better? But I think I will wait untill hes all content.

Wow cool! Slimer just ate his first hermit crab. I was starting to worry about him. I have had him since Friday and I havent noticed him eat more then 1 or 2 ghost shrimp. Wow. It's like a big weight off my shoulders. I was stressing more then he was I guess. :bugout: LoL.

I attached a few more pictures. Slimer got all active earler tonight. So I was able to get a few good pics. I did notice as he was crusing the glass that he has a dark srtipe that runs up from the front legs to his eye on both sides. I dont think it shows up in the picture.
Slimers Little home.

I attached a pic of his little habitat. Can you check it out and let me know what you think?
I made a acrylic tank with a snug lid. It also has 2 levels added on the sideds with a little rock. He was hanging out at the bottom in a little den. But now that he has vertured out hes found a new den up on the top level. It's like 3 to 4 inches from the waters surface. He even crawled out of the water and sat on top of the rock for a few minutes. His little tank is in a 75 gallon tank. I was thinking about doing a small reef on the other side or making a couple more octo tanks for other smaller species.

Check it out and let me know what you think. Any ideas or suggestions would be very heplful.

Thanks again
Nancy said:
Unusual pics - did you set your camera on black and white? You have some good sillouettes of him!


Actually my light was out when I took the first pics. I had all the lights on in the room and that was as good as it got. The new pics turned out better but still kind of dark. I dont really want to do the flash thing to him. I did it on 1 or 2 pics and he didnt look too happy after. LoL I guess I'm not too happy when someone flashes a camer in my face. So I'm trying to just get pics with the tank light now. It's still kind of dim. But the strange thing is he doesnt seam to mind the light much. So maybe when I get all of my lights up and running (if it doesnt stress him out, I will keep a close eye on it. Slowly adding a light every couple of days.

Thank for the nice comments on the pics. I like how they look like black and white.
Thanks Andy,

I figure if he starts to get too big for the cube I still have the rest of the tank to work with. I hope it doesnt come to that. I was told that it would stay small but who knows? I have found very limitted info in this little guy.

Thanks again

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