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any of you on jims waiting list get a FORWARDED email to all of us ? i have...


Aug 21, 2004
jim from octopets sent me an email about my octopus order

first let me say i placed my order 1.5 months ago , maybe 2 im not sure, anyways , im very antsy to get my two octopus for my 240 gallon.

after email after email, and call after call, i finally get a forwarded message to all the people on teh waiting list saying this , this is quoted from the email

"Dear valued customers,

As you know I’m the worst email responder on the entire internet, thanks to you the website has done better than I had planned. Responding to emails and notifying customers on the status of their orders is something I didn’t plan ahead for. I have solved the problem by finally getting some help. I’m having Tyler help me with customer service; he has worked with me for nearly two years culturing the octo’s and cuttles. I apologize for the previous poor customer service and promise better service in the future. As you might already know from www.tonmo.com I had a crash of the octopus culture at the beginning of the year, I have recovered recently, and now have tons of eggs. The octo eggs hatched last week, which was a few weeks later than I predicted. The bad news is it will be up to six weeks before they will be ready to ship, the good news is that I will be giving 30% off your order and this includes anything you would like to add to your order from the website, including seahorses and cuttlefish. Your patience to this point has been extraordinary, so I understand if you want to cancel your order, I never charge credit cards until the order has shipped so all I need to cancel an order is an email. Cuttlefish will also be ready in six weeks, customers with octopus orders can switch to cuttlefish for the same price as the octopus, plus the 30% off, so $25 for a cuttlefish. Emails and phone calls will be promptly answered by either myself or Tyler from now on.

Thank you

Jim Demattia




ive been looking them up and watching them on documentaries ive been renting from netflix, and im getting octo fever again
Sounds to me like he has made an extremely nice business overture to all of you that have waited...way cool !!

i know , its just im wanting my order SOOOOOOOOOOO BAD, lol

ive gotten 600 snails on ebay for 25 bucks and all came in live,
so i have plenty of food for them
I have always been impressed with Jim and Octopets, even with the difficulties they've been having.

To all you who want bimacs, I'd recommend that you ask him to wait to ship until they are over two months old. Six weeks is very young.

hey nancy , do you know anyone who has a vulgaris at the moment ?

i thought about trying one of those sincei have such a large tank ?

does octopets normally have troubleas like this , i mean ive only had one octo , but i had no trouble what so ever getting one , i ordered it and got it 2 days later,

guess its just cause of the octo escape and they are recovering
i too got the email,,, but Im kinda of glad it will be a while yet,,, Im still working the kinks out of my system.

My lids are tight as can be, but Im struggling with temperature....

I'm keeping a list of our members' octopuses at the top of Journals and Photos. Everyone should feel free to consult this list (and let me know if the info needs updating, please). According to the list, igotcrabs and sneegs both have O. vulgaris.

They get bigger than a bimac and eat more, too! They are said to be escape prone. On the plus side, they seem to be a fun octo to keep and their owners like them a lot. And, they may live a bit longer than a bimac.


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