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any idea for a name?


Jan 19, 2004
hi!!! I'm having some trouble finding a name for my octo.
so I'm gonna follow phils advice and start a poll on it.

just some ideas for a name, but other suggestions are most welcome
Click on the Bimac Siblings sticky at the top of the list of threads - you can find a lot of names used for bimacs, maybe that will inspire you or someone else!

The new season is pretty good, but I think they wrapped up last week's a little too quickly. Then again, you can't really complain about that when watching science fiction!

LOL! Hmmmm... Here's a some odd names I think work for an octo. Truffle Toes, Salad Tentacles, or um How bout' Lump. But you know I have pretty strange taste and um... Sembilan works too. :smile:
I like Fluffy.

Actually, I like to name my pets after brandnames of food for their predators. I had two kittens once that I called Kibbles and Bits, and a mouse I called Whiskas. You could call your octo "Chum."

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