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Another RIP, Chance died....:(


Blue Ring
Mar 10, 2005
Hi All- haven't been here in a few weeks, having been so busy with work. But I'm sad to announce Chance has died, this afternoon in fact.

Strange, nothing has been wrong, not even the fact of laying eggs. I watch her so closely daily. She didn't even have a chance to lay eggs w/out me noticing. So, this is where I'm confused on what happened???? Up until this morning, she was her happy ole self. Eating daily, dancing in front of the rocks and glass, swimming around - even last night!

So, this morning I go in to say bye for the day and she's spread eagle (opened completely) in a corner in the front. I looked carefully thinking "uh oh, is she laying eggs now?" and I walked up real close to her, and she's watching me with her one eye and didn't even turn color. I could tell she was breathing shallow tho. So, here I am a few hours later and yep, she's a goner in the same front of the tank.

Any ideas on what happened????

I've enjoyed her for a good 8 months now, as a matter of fact, I got her 8 months ago to the date yesterday (Jan 10).

I'm sooooooo very sad -

RIP Chance :cry:

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