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Another question


Nov 24, 2002
Hello once again:
I have another question :roll: . I finally found a home for the two pirahna which occupied the 55 gal tank that I am setting up for the octo. My LFS took the on consignment. (I looked it up in webster's, apparently Consignment is Latin for "I'll sell them for $89.99 and tell you that they died".)
Anyway, I have read much of the Octo's need for high Oxygen levels. Thus, I would like to know if I need to put an airstone in the tank or will the skimmer and sump return provide enough oxygenation??? Note that I am presently using a hang on skimmer until I build one for the sump. Full set up as follows: 55 gal tank with 50lbs live sand and 50 lbs live rock, hang on siphon prefilter, 20 gal sump with Magdrive 700 return pump (approx 450 gph at 4 ft) and a junky Seaclone skimmer. The sump and bio-tower are home made I have enclosed a picture.

But I digress, so back to my original question, do I need additional oxygenation??? Thanks a bunch.
Hi again :smile:

I have a wooden airstone that runs 24x7 in my octo tank. I think that the extra water movement is essential in a tank. They do need a lot of oxygen, especially with 3 hearts to work!

I use this because my skimmer is way overspec for the tank and only runs for about 2 hours a day. Quite often the octo attacks the airstone and fights the bubbles etc.

One thing about the converted tank. Make sure you give it plenty rinses in freshwater and clean it properly before converting it. AND if you ever used medications that are copper based like whitespot remedies it may cause problems also.

Dr Roy Caldwell (well known ceph and mantis shrimp expert) once retold me a story about having to completey replace all tanks in a lab used for octos because the copper still seemed to be killing cephs months later!
Hopefully you wont need to worry about that though! :smile:

Let us know how you are getting on with your DIY and send us some pics

Never used any medications in tank

I never used any medications in this tank. So, hopefully, I won't have a problem. I washed the tank vigorously, evidenced by the numerous cuts on my hands - stupid plastic edging, multiple times. I will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks again for the advice! :biggrin2:
Hi I'm new to this every pet shop I look to for answers try to talk me out of octopus . Thats the same response I would get about chameleons but managed to breed them for years. I always loved octopus since I was young swimming after them in greece. I never had a salt water tank but I just bought a 72 gallon bow tank with holes on the bottom and a ecosystem wet dry mud filter I was told I dont need a protien skimmer or air pumpis this true? I also got 60 pounds of live sand and 90 pounds of live rock how long should the tank take to cycle I was told a few days after the nitrate level goes up I would be able to get my octopus , I read on this web site something about waiting three months. the compartment were there are holes in the tank fore water to get to the filters has an opening on top of it with probably a 1/2 inch gap to the cover of the tank can I close that of with plexiglass drilled with holes so the octopus doesnt climb in it ? do you think its a good idea to put carbon in the tanks over flow? they also sold me a heater ,I read that its good to keep the temperature at 68 degrees I live in New York and keeping the tank in my basement , winter the temp down there is 62 night, and 67 day, summer it stays about 70 degrees will this give me any problems that I should be prepared for?thank you for any info
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