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another new guy with questions

Jul 15, 2005
Hey all
I have been lurking around for some time reading a bunch of posts. I have to say you have a great site here. I have been been looking around the net and found more info then I thought I would but I am kinda worried because anyone with a laptop and some time can make a page that says anything.
OK some background on me. I am 30 and started in the whole fishy world at age 10. I now own an aquarium and pond maintance company down here in Miami Florida. I have never claimed to know it all but I think I have a good handle on aquariums and water quality. I have a 55 gallon reef that I am tired of looking at. When you do it all day long you don't want to come home to another one. :wink: I see Octopus at the wholesaler all the time and have always wanted one so now I am finally getting around to doing some research.
on to the questions.
First off what would you say are the top one or two book to get?
From what I have gotten on this site the Bimacs are less likely to escape but I know its still a big issue. Getting glass tops cut to size with holes cut just right for filtration wouldn't be a problem but I have a big problem with that because of the heat. I have been keeping my tank cool by using fans to aid in evaporation. I know I will be ditching the lights I run now but I think a top like that would create a green house affect.
I did read on another site somewhere that the octopus do not like asto turf and was thinking of extending my canopy and lining it with the green stuff. Or I was wondering if I could wrap some egg crate with some screen and weight it down. If anyone has any other Ideas please let me know.
I think that's it for now. Sorry for the long post I just want to give and get the best info I can.
Hi Chipdog and welcome to TONMO.com!

There are no books on octo care and if you've master a reef aquarium, you'll find the information you need on this website. My favortite octo book is Mark Norman's

Cephalopods: A World Guide

Have a look at our articles - click on the Ceph Care button above.

Reading past posts is also helpful.

One product that helps a lot with the tank cover is duct tape. In fact, I keep a role by my tank and replace the tape frequently. You can tape down the octo lid - I also put a heavy brick on mine. Of course, you need some ventilation - I used plastic mesh to cover open areas.

You have access to many species of octopus because you live near areas where they are found. You could consider a tropical species. We had Tonmo members in Florida keep O. briareus, for instance.

The astroturf works, but it must be so high that an octo can't stretch and reach above it - and they're very good at stretching, so you'd have to have such a collar of astroturf around your tank that it would be inconvenient.

Hope that helps for a start.

for some reason I figured that Nancy would be the first to answer.

Do you think covering the entire canopy would work? So it wouldn't have to be as high as an Octo could reach but that everything it could reach would be turf.

I am just brain storming so please work with me.

thanks again
I don't know of anyone using astroturf except for public aquariums or research facilities with high walls above the water line.

If the canopy is well sealed, you don't need astroturf - each of us has found a way to seal the top of the tank and be able to get into it. Almost everyone uses some duct tape.

LOL you love the duct tape.

I need to have some opening in the top to vent some heat.

Is it that they don't like the feel of the turf?

I would think if that was the case then if I were to line the inside of the canopy (box on top of the tank) with the turf then it just might keep an Octo in the water.

Anyone here have any experiance with astoturf at all?

Thanks again
hey chipdog, and welcome. i agree with nancy, a shop owner tried to sell me on the whole astro turf idea but after seeing it action its very unsightfull and not realy all that effective. your best bet is to just use a tight fiiting lid. this just an exemple and im not claiming it will work for everyone but i did was perchase a tight fitting plastic lid from the lfs. u knowthe ones with the lid in the front and the glass in the back for the light to fit over? theres only 2 sections in the bck that are left open so i cut plexi glass to fit these and then drilled holes to feed the filter tubeing through. i also added some smaller holes for gass exchange. the hole lid is waited down with a plastic weight over the center of the lid and a smaller one over the flip lid. a little gawdy yes, but otherwise effective and easy to disassemble for tank maintance. and oh yeah i used silicone sealent to put it all together.
Chipdog said:
LOL you love the duct tape.

I need to have some opening in the top to vent some heat.

Is it that they don't like the feel of the turf?

I always imagined that the suckers can't grab onto the astroturf to climb, because there's no surface big enough for the sucker to seal on. I suspect that for a small enough octo, this wouldn't work, because they can lift their weight with just the small suckers that could grab one blade of astroturf...
You know, I don't think I've ever heard of an octo finding a small hole in the middle of the tank lid (for instance, one covered with mesh for ventilation) and hoisting himself through that hole.

The escapes I know of take place through an opening along the edge of the glass or through the overflow.

I have vents built into the center of the tank lid (I use a freshwater lid on a reef ready tank) - I covered these vent openings with mesh - used duct tape to seal them down. I would imagine you could glue them as well. And I never had any trouble.

I'd be interested to hear reports of how other octos have escaped.

I am thinking that astroturf will not be the cure-all that I thought it might be.

yeah I havent even gotten to the while overflow dilema



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