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another feeder tank question

i got crabs

May 19, 2005
hi all, im doin some plannin for upgraden my feeder tank and was hope'n maybe some one could help me with an idea i had. im converten over to 30gal but its tall not long. i usaully preffer shallow but for now ill have to make due. anyways what i was thinkin was stacking some sort of material to make levels. they would all be open levels to allow alot of water to flow through but would offfer dem crabs as mutch surface area as possible. im gonna add a few peices of live rock in da hopes of keepin filteration as bialogical as possible and ill ad a hang on da back filter for machanical/some biological filteration. i was hopen to use some sort of man-made material for the stacks, somethin the crabs can hold onto, that would be light weight, but not float. im gonna check out da local hardware store but if anyone has any sugestions that would be great. thanxs-in advance.
Someone recently described a floating "island" for the crabs - maybe search on crabs to find this or maybe the person who has the large crab tank will post again.

Floating islands would seem easier than building towers of rock.

hey nancy, thanks again for thee advice and sorry it took so long for me to repost. any way i got ma crabs today! 50 blue leg hermits, 35 redleg hermits, this was i bid i had won on ebay they also sent me 3 urchins, 5 sand sifting sea cucumbers, and 10 turbo snails. all went into my feeder tank as im not sure the urchins and sea cucumbers are octo safe. i think they are as the cukes are the small tan burrowing type that im told dont realese toxins into the water but im not sure this is true and want to do a little research first. the urchins arnt the pencil type that im told are octo safe but there realy not the spiket ones either. their (quils?) are kinda tube shaped but they dont end in stubs like the pencils but rether are kinda elipse like at the ends. ill try to get a pictue later but if any 1 has any sugestions... any way what i did build a not that tall layer of base/love rock and then bulit this rings from left over filter pipeing that i wraped plastic mesh around. i then secured these to the rocks and built a few towers from this. just one more question. the filter i have on this tank is a hang on the back style but its an older filter and keeps qiting on me. any ideas for another stle of inexpensive filter or brand that i can add to this tank. for now ill keep up with water changes and good biological filteration i just wana make sure the water dosent fowl. as all thanx for everones help.

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