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announcement about reef bugs...

Feb 24, 2005
a while back i had mentioned REEF BUGS. a friend of mine owns a fish store in sumter south carolina. this guy has a friend that has developed something similar to sea monkeys and dry brineshrimp eggs but consist of copopods and other reef inverts. they come in little packs just like brine shrimp and they hatch out in the thousands... my friend has been successful in breeding and hatching and feeding baby snowflake eels with these...

now to the point.

hes getting me a few packs for my tank for ahabs babies when they hatch. this should provide more than enough food for the young even if they are planktonic. he is also offering to mail order these things to anyone else out there in the ceph and reef community. if you are interested in these to just get a tank started with a healthy bug population or if you need to feed babies soon like me let me know either by pm or email at [email protected]. i will get u in touch with him and he will help you out.

now i know tonmo doesnt exactly like advertisments like this but i believe this will be a huge help to the ceph community especially since octopets is gone... without octopets were having to resort to wild caught which alot of times results in eggs which we are not able to raise due to a lack of food. if we can get these things out in the community though we will have a much higher rate of successful hatches and will also ease the tension of all the wild caught octos being brought in.
now i know tonmo doesnt exactly like advertisments
Endorsements are cool though, especially in the context of reliable sources for cephs. It would be good to get a singular, "certified" sponsor that TONMO.com would "officially" endorse, but at least in the meatime, it's good for us to share as much info on this subject as we can. Thanks Joefish -
ill try to get some pics but the packs are small but i think one pack has thousands of eggs... my friend put some in his eel tank before the eel eggs hatched and within weeks he had literally thousands of copopods etc in his tank crawling all over the rocks and walls...
What you need to find out for us is what's in the pack - just copepods, or a mixture of smaller and larger creatures.

Sounds very useful!

its a mixture i know of all sorts of critters
he mailing me some in the next few days so when i get them ill take pictures of the packs and eggs before i put them in. ill also get pictures of all the different species that come out of them

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