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Almost done with octopus tank


Jan 1, 2004
OMG i am ALMOST there!...I jsut got a hydrometer tonight and sand...a powerhead...a book on saltwater aaquariums..and i talked to a guy who knows alot about them :smile:..O and sorry i havent been able to get on lately :frown:
ok i have pipe hooked up to the overflow box into my sump but i have a few questions....i will get a pic on later today. now my questions...how do i plug the pipe comming from the overflow box and the tube going to the tank so my octo wont escape?
Yes, please feel free to ask questions about setting everything up. I know you are at a disadvantage living far from a local fish store and having to do this all by yourself.

When you get everything working, be sure to allow plenty of time for the tank to cycle. It's a good time for you to pracice with saltwater and testing and just being comfortable with your tank.

ok thanks nacy...sorry but i cant get pics tonight, but im gonna have the rock and sand in it so it will look cool when i get you pics
My tank has 30 pounds of live rock in it. jeez that stuff is exspensive. also i bought 4 damsels. How long would it take with them in?...any takers?
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