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Algae control


Jan 7, 2004
Are there any algae eating creatures that people have successfully kept with a "carribean dwarf " (best description) octopus.Tank has some soft coral, red algae and live rock. What about a nudibranch? Also have small clams in the live sand, will the octopus hunt for them?
Hi, and welcome to TONMO.com :welcome:

I would think larger snails might survive, at least some of them.

I don't know this species so well, but the baby bimacs are raised on small clams, so it's at least a possiblity that they'll be eaten.

I don't know of nudibranches feeding on algae, only thet some eat other nudibranchs and hydroids. Anyone else have an idea if they feed on algae?
Yes, nudibranch do in fact eat algae.

Not sure on the ceph reaction to them though yet.

The main concern, for your corals atleast, is what does the nudibranch eat once the algae has been controlled.

What type of red algae is it and can elbow gease do the trick?
Elbow grease and a magnet cleaner are fine for the glass but preventing the coraline algae on the live rock from being taken over by green and brown scum algae is what I am trying to avoid.

I love cats; but can never eat a whole one!
What about tiny rock starfish? They would not harm your corals, and as far as I can tell would not be a food source for your octopus.

The nudibrach may work, just through all my reef experience these liitle guys can reck havoc on your corals.

What size is your tank?
algae is not always a problem with ceph tanks as we normally always use ro water... do regular water changes... and dont have high powered reef lights on them... its also normally easier to remove uneaten octopus than fish food.

you could try nudibranchs but you are going to have to pioneer that, or how about an urchin or two.. may eat corraline though
No go on the large snail. Just provided dwarf octopus with a $10 dinner.
Although nocturnal this little fella hangs around right up closest to the light from the computer monitor staring and studying all who approach the tank when all of the other room lights are off at night.
Snail was called a tequila snail. Conical pyramid shell shape with a circular base diameter of about one inch. My octopus at normal head and mantle size is approximatly 1.5 by .75 inches.

It seems to be becoming more use to evening lights in the room. I super
glued a piece of fish line to a colored marble that I dangle near it. Went
for it immediatly. Tried to play a little tug of war but not up for the game.

A 4 inch orange linkia is doing OK so far.

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