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Algae and rock setup


Blue Ring
Jul 21, 2003
I would like to add some plants to my tank, it looks nicer and makes up more hiding space for my future octo. Are there any specific algae that grow and look nice without turning my tank into a jungle?

I´m also wondering how you folks did your rock setup, how big are the rocks you turn into hiding spaces?
My LFS got new LR from Bali, i want to use the opportunity to build some caves :biggrin2:
Do you glue your rocks together or how do you attach them?

My live rock is not glued - just placed. I have some large pieces of live rock on the bottom layer (? 1 kg). All was fine as long as my bimac was smaller - he lived in several different caves in the live rock as he grew. But as he got full size, he began to do his own rearranging and pushed and shoved rocks to get the size holes he needed (so much for octopuses making themselves smaller to get through an opening!). So bear in mind that, unless your octo is full grown, you'll have different sized octos to build for.

Any of the Caluerpa algaes are fine for an octo tank...your supplier should just give you a handfull, and your tank will need trimming in a few months!
I agree with Nancy...epoxing the rocks might lead to more problems than solutions...
Look forward to seeing your tank in pics!
Ok the rock setup is finished for the moment:biggrin2:. I maybe will have to rearrange it a bit when the octo gets into the tank because it´s not 100% stable so far..

Are there any blue or yellow algae i could put into the tank? The green caluerpas look quite lame :heee:

I will post new pics as soon as i get hold of a digicam, the tank looks quite different from when i purchased it 8)

When i solved the escape and feeding problems i´m ready to look out for some octo though i guess that will be the hardest part :frown:
The only octos my LFS can get seem to be from Indonesia or Bali but i´d like to get a nice little bimac hehe
If you have information on how to get one in good old northern europe feel free to drop me line :wink:


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