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Alaska wildlife center


Blue Ring
Aug 21, 2004
While I was in Alaska last month I visited the alaska wildlife center and noticed they used indoor/outdoor carpet around the top
of their octo tanks. After reflecting I remember several public aquariums, I've been to, using the carpet to prevent escape. Has
anyone tried this? The tank I am using to house my future octo is a 40gal D.A.S. tank that has a canopy on it. I have glued I/O carpet over
over all the glass above the water line. I hope this works!! The Alaska wildlife center had 2 beautiful red octos. The female, on display,
was 60lbs and is 3yrs old! I was able to take a back stage tour and saw the larg male they had. He was 80lbs and 5 years old!!!
I fell in love with him! I got talking to his caretaker and helped feed the big guy. Has anyone heard of a octo living this long? I was
told they have had him from 3''. They use fresh seawater in their tanks and 40% is changed every hour! This combined with the low temp
might have contributed to the octo's long life. If anyone has tried the carpet please let me know.

What a nice octopus experience!

I had originally heard that Giant Pacific Octopuses would live that long, but more recently I've heard only 3 years plus. Glad to hear that an octo is living a full five years. This is one reason so many of us would like to keep a GPO, because it would be around longer.

The colder the water, the longer they seem to live. Some in the arctic will live 7 years, I believe.

As for the carpet, yes, I've seen it used, but you must be careful that the octo cannot reach beyond it - and they do have long arms and can stretch.

this carpet, I believe the proper name is astroturf, is often used in zoo's to prevent octos from escaping. I also put it in my tank as an extra precaution but still use a heavy lid.

a friend of mine who's a marine biologist and has experience with octo's says that octo suckers are very sensitive to this carpet and that they'll draw back as soon as they come in contact with it. so in theory, they won't be able to reach over it. although I'm not tempted to try out the theory.

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