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Al- more experience, more questions!


Staff member
Jul 13, 2008
Hello and thanks to all who helped me id Al! As with all animals I've raised (fish, herps, kids) the real q's come after living with them a bit.

I'm great on what to feed him, but how much and how often should an aculeatus eat? My nine year old stick fed him a shrimp yesterday and I just removed what he didn't finish about an hour after he was done. I'm excited that my daughters want to feed but that could lead to overfeeding...

I want to get my anatomy right- where exactly do you start measuring the length of the mantle? From the base of his eyes to the end of his "head" (mantle?) is about 1 1/2 in. Also, I can tell for sure that he is a "he." Does this mean he's old?

Now that I have an id, are their special things I can do to care for an aculeatus? I did search the threads for more info (long live Octopus Prime!) but want to make sure I'm doing everything exactly right. I'm the kind of person who's taken a $20 lizard for a $40 vet visit- twice (he's fine, I wish there was a site a AWESOME as this one for herps!).
Sep 8, 2006
Sounds like Al would be fine with half a shrimp for now. Maybe the kids can take turns each day.

It's my understanding that the mantle actually begins where the openings are, behind the eyes. Unfortunately there's no way to tell exactly how old he is, but he is most likely mature.

As long as you're providing him with good water quality and food, you're doing your part. You might add some live food for him to chase around on occasion to keep him "on his toes" so he doesn't get bored.