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Aiptasia on the baby's cave


Jul 15, 2004
Hello, I have a problem.We have aiptasia on our cave.Any ideas how to get rid of it?Can't use shrimp,she eats them.I think one of them stung her today and niether one of us was happy.I don't want to take her cave out her tank,she's too attached to it.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,Jenny
Boy, that's going to be tough...you could remove the rock and boil it...or try to hit the ap's with kalkwasser, but that might irritate the octopus. Physical removal might be the easiest...get some hemostats and start prying. ?
what is kalkwasser? I've tried pulling them out and just manage to tear them up.That may be in part to my help I usually get though.Will calcium harm her?Thats what we use in the reef tanks to get rid of it.
Getting rid of aptasia is easy.


First, welcome to Tonmo.

Getting rid of Aptasia is as easy as feeding them. I use Joe's Juice. You can read about it here, Joe's Juice.

Disclaimer - It's no secret I'm an on-line retailer and I not only have used Joe's Juice for three years, I sell it. I've never used it around cephalopods but have accidentally spilled it onto corals without any affect. It's what I'd use in a heartbeat and recommend it to you. In three years I have not received one complaint and by the amount I sell, if there was a problem I'd know about it.

It comes with a plastic syringe applicator you suck some juice into and feed it to the Aptasia. In 20 min or less the anemone is history.

I don't know the rules here, (Does anyone read them???) so, if I get into trouble for this post, as I did on RC, so be it, I'm only trying to help with a problem.


Cephs don't take kindly to destroying their home and the super glue will work but if you miss one they'll be back and you have to then try something else or tear apart it's happy home. Joe's Juice is easier.

Joe's juice works great!...I may still get some nudibranch (Berghia verrucicornis) if they appear again in a week or two..
They work great, too. It does present a bit of a problem though, they aren't inexpensive and when the Aptasia are gone they starve to death. Like you said, Joe's Juice works great, and I'd add, with out the hassles.

The safest thing may be the boiling water by syringe. It does work. We've discussed this in previous posts. You can do a few at a time, making sure your octo doesn't get in the way. Inject the offender - it will be killed and a few syringes full won't affect your water temperature much at all.


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