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After 8 months of bliss my little reef octopus has died :(


Blue Ring
Feb 3, 2003
Well, sadly it has happened. After laying eggs the little thing died. It was great to I mean no I knew they had short lives but whoa and everything got along with it the puffers the Naso Tang sadly the eggs were in fertile. I will probably look for another but only time will tell. I let the thing have free reign too I have over a hundred pounds of live rock for the little guy to hide in.
Hi! Sorry to hear of your loss! I hate it when they pass away!!! I'm not looking forward to when Hermin goes!!! :frown:

Hi ,

Sorry to hear about the loss of your little reef octopus. Too bad they don't live longer, but it sounds like it had a good life and you enjoyed keeping it. Hope you do decide to get another.

What type of octo is it? How big is the tank? Wow it is living with puffers and a Naso did not kill anything. Wow sounded like a great octo sorry.
I echo the sentiments above... :cry: Sorry to hear of your loss.

Soon we'll have a database that will allow you to memorialize your pet octos and other cephalopods and aquarium life, as well as post information about your tanks, etc. Hopefully this will become available sometime this month.

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