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Advantages/Disadvantages of the Bimac and Briareus


Dec 19, 2005
I am just wondering, for when I get my Octopus (in a month or 2), which to buy. I know that the Bimac is the best choice for beginners, but I just recently heard about the Briareus, and was interested. How are they different from the Bimac? Are they smaller? Bigger? Are they more/less active? Basically what the title says for each. Thanks!!!
There are differences, of course - but the bimac is tank bred and the briareus is wild caught, as far as I know

The bimac prefers cooler temperatures and you should try to keep the water in the lower seventies or lower, while the briareus likes tropical temperatures (76-78), so you'd probably need a heater in the sump (not in the tank).

The briareus has longer arms than the bimac and will sit on the bottow and reach up towards you, which I've never seen the bimac do.

There are lots of other small differences, but if you're looking for a first octopus, probably a bimac is better.

...also briareus tends to be a bit more nocturnal or crepuscular at least...
What is Crepuscular? So, the Bimac will be more active during the day? And the Briareus gets bigger? the Briareus seems more intereting, but I want one that wont hide all day. Are there any other species of Octos that are good for aquariums? That are about the size of the Bimac?

Also, I was reading around on the older pages here, and found out about O. Cyanea. "The day Octopus"? Does it get bigger than the Bimac? Are they good aquarium animals?
Crepuscular - Becoming active at twilight or before sunrise, as do bats and certain insects and birds. (and some cephalopods)
In time a briareus will usually adapt to our daytime habits. You can read about Carol's (corw314) Egor under Journals and Photos, for instance. He makes many appearances during the day.

I see, have you ever owned a Briareus? I think I am going to go with the Bimac though... since it is so much more common.
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