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Apr 20, 2005
I have looked at 3 different web pages and I have decided that I am going to float the bag for 20 minutes then add a cup of aqarium water veary slowly then remove a cup of aqarium water. I will wait a little and repeat this proses until I decide to pour the bag in. does this sound good.
Most experienced octo keepers on this website prefer the drip acclimation method. Have a look at this thread:


Seach on acclimation and read the advice - it's important not to rush things.

ok I just got done acclimation for my octopus he quikly swam to hid I used a cup and put my fingers in a funny shape on the side of the cup to make a steady drip it took about 30 minutes and the bag floted in the tank for about a 30 minutes wew it feels good that the octopus came out good we have already made a relationship well sort of if I get to close to him his eys turn black then when I go away his eyes turn there normal gray another thing can my octopus climb in my out take pump
It really is too bad that you didn't read and assimilate the pages of information Colin, Nancy, and others have so carefully written. This reeks of a "rush project", not at all what we recommend.

*sigh* greg
Clownfish, I am really not on TONMO.com as much as I used to be but please follow the advice being generously given by Greg, Nancy and all the others... its for the best
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